Real Estate Lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL

When you're planning a real estate transaction, having your own real estate lawyer at the earliest possible stage is the best way to protect your interests. Real estate agents do their job of bringing people together to buy and sell, but they cannot give you what an experienced lawyer on your side can provide. Contact our real estate lawyer in West Palm Beach, FL.

The time when a lawyer can help the most is BEFORE YOU SIGN the contract.

Legal Services for Real Estate Transactions

I can help you whether you are purchasing, selling or leasing real estate. I help with the drafting and review of the contract and see that the contract is carried out according to the provisions it contains. It's important to resolve any problems before the settlement or closing.

Contact me if you are buying, selling or leasing a house or a commercial building. You'll get personal attention and services that meet your needs. I also furnish title insurance through Old Republic Title Insurance Company.

Real Estate Law in West Palm Beach, FL