Important Legal Help for Making a Will or Trust

When you're making an estate plan, you want it to cover all your concerns. Relying on a lawyer for professional assistance is a smart move. Contact our office to consult with me.  I have extensive experience in wills, trusts, and estate planning. I can help you determine what is to become of your property, help you choose who will receive it, and write a will or trust to make that happen.

Working With a Client

Trusts & Estate Planning

When it comes to trusts and estates, I arrange matters according to your wishes. Estate planning is essential when you have issues related to incapacity, and it's a good idea even if you simply want to put your affairs in order. Life gets shorter every day, and it's best to be prepared.  I keep things simple and won't try to sell you something more than you need.  I also provide services to help you deal with estate administration and related issues. If you are sick or someone in your family has died, our experience helps you put things right.  I aim to give you personal, individual attention. So contact me, William R.H. Broome, P.A. in West Palm Beach, FL.